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About Us

Welcome to Guangzhou Coolzer Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as Coolzer) , your trusted partner for innovative computer hardware,power station solutions. Since our inception in 2008, we have been at the forefront of technology, dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of a wide range of electronic products. Our expertise spans across power supplies, inverter, outdoor power station and more. 

At Coolzer, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, which include 8 specialized production lines  a robust network of ODM subcontract partners. Our in-house facilities are comprehensive, featuring dedicated departments for molding, punching, painting, and assembling ,with integration of the management system, ensuring the product safety and reliability. With a monthly production capacity of 300,000 power supplies, we are equipped to handle the demands of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Erginfin is the specialized brand for outdoor power stations from our Coolzer , which serves as the parent factory.Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our production floors. We offer tailored OEM and ODM services to a plethora of esteemed brands worldwide, while also accommodating smaller orders with the same level of precision and care. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, ensuring a 'WIN-WIN' scenario in every partnership.

We cordially invite you to experience the Coolzer difference. Should your travels bring you to China, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory. Prepare for a pleasant business surprise as we unveil the possibilities of collaboration and the cutting-edge products that await you at  Coolzer.

We are seeking to collaborate with B2B distributors and welcome partnerships with retailers of outdoor equipment, emergency service providers, solar system installers, telecommunications firms, and municipal agencies in need of portable power solutions.

We have over a decade of experience in developing mature home energy storage system solutions. We provide solar energy system solutions, ensuring quality, reliability, and safety in integrated services covering components, fasteners, accessories, installation, systems, and post-sales support.

Coolzer is a comprehensive provider of solar energy solutions, dedicated to delivering quality-assured, reliable, and safe integrated system services encompassing components, fasteners, accessories, installation, systems, and after-sales support.

Wechat/Whatsapp ID:86-18038859993 

Contact:   Kelvin  /Minnie

Factory Address:  Guangzhou Coolzer Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd  

1 Guangtuo Street, Guangzhou (Qingyuan) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park, Shijiao Town, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City,Guangdong,China

R&D Center:  Building 3, North Bock, Dongyue Ecological Park, No.3 Yongjia Road,Baiyun District, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province,China  

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