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Shipping Policy

  1. Shipping Options and Costs:  Provides multiple shipping options, with costs calculated based on the selected service and package weight.

  2.  Delivery Times: The estimated delivery time may vary depending on the selected transportation service.

  3.  International Shipping: Provides international shipping services, but may incur additional tariffs and fees.

  4. Lost or Damaged Items: If the goods are lost or damaged during transportation, please contact customer service immediately for assistance.

Warranty and Support

  1.  Warranty Period: Provides a limited warranty service from the date of purchase, with a warranty period of 3 years.

  2. How to Obtain Service: If you encounter warranty issues, please contact customer service /our sales team for repair or replacement services.

  3. Technical Support: Provide technical support services to help solve problems during the use of the product. If in an international order, our company will provide an additional 1% of the goods as spare parts against delivery.

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